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RMT Policy

Insurance starting at $125/year*(only $105/year for New Grads)

All policies include:
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Our RMT Insurance policy has broad coverage for the right risk protection. The program is custom-designed for Registered Massage Therapists in Canada by insurance experts with the consultations of RMT's and students alike. From Professional Liability to General Liability, we specifically designed our RMT Insurance product.

With generations of expertise, Advantage Insurance stands at the forefront of business insurance.


Our team of brokers has generations of knowledge and experience. As lifelong learners, we are at the forefront of the massage therapist industry. We take the time to listen and learn about your profession. In turn, we want to assist you in understanding your RMT Insurance.

Coverage and Premiums that are right for your business insurance with Advantage Insurance.


You work hard for your money. We believe you should keep as much of it in your pocket as possible. Our homework allows us to obtain the lowest RMT Insurance prices in the industry. Now you can choose coverage and premiums that are right for your RMT Insurance policy. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, we have added MONTHLY payment options. Our online application and payment system makes it easy for you to get instant coverage at no additional cost.

AAdvantage Insurance is 100% client driven and available for you to contact 24 hours a day.


Being customer-driven is our goal. We pride ourselves in understanding our customer's needs and providing them with professionalism. From a 24/7 online application and claims line to text messaging, chatbots and more, we are here to work with you.


Choose your OWN policy with our online quotes.

NEW monthly payments are available.

New RMT Graduate


Customized coverage for individual RMT Graduates practicing in Ontario. This includes our most popular $3 million limit ($5 million aggregate) with both Professional and General Liability to provide extra protection.  Limit can ben be increased.  This policy is flexible to allow you to practice in a studio or home.  Get a quote for more details.

Instant Certificate issued. Meets CMTO Requirements.

Individual RMT


Coverage includes both Professional and General Liability with our most popular $3 million limit ($5 million aggregate).  The limit can be increased. Customized coverage for individual RMT’s in Ontario, allowing you to practice in a studio or at home.  Get a quote for more details.


Instant Certificate issued. Meets CMTO Requirements.

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We want to thank you and your colleagues for being essential workers on the front line helping others.  While the whole country worked to flatten the curve, you have made a great sacrifice.


We are here to help. After months of hard work, we can now offer you monthly payments on all our products.  


Our other piece of exciting news is our new Advantage Brand. For over 30 years, our family has been insuring Health and Wellness Practitioners. Our NEW Advantage brand reflects our message and service commitment. 


Thank you for all you have given to help others!


We offer broad coverage & limits, however, our RMT insurance policy are always driven by

Professional and General Liability.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability

Professional liability is a mandatory requirement to work as an RMT. Proof is often requested when you work in a Clinic or Spa as an employee or subcontractor. The definition of Professional Liability is " damages because of injury arising out of the rendering of, or failure to render professional services." In other words, as a Registered Massage Therapist, you are responsible for any injury caused to a client during their treatment. For example, fainting due to dehydration or not disclosing everything on their form, resulting in further damage.

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Commercial General Liability

Slips and falls can happen in any business. Unfortunately, your business is not immune to minor accidents. Imagine a client tripping in the covers while getting up at the end of their treatment. If you are performing the procedure, you are probably responsible for accidents that happen even though it might not be your clinic. Things happen. These accidents could result in lawsuits. That is why Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance is imperative. Your CGL policy also has additional coverage automatically included at no additional charge.

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Content Coverage (available for an extra cost)

Are you a clinic owner? Every clinic needs insurance. Let us help you get the right coverage at the right price. Our policies offer extensive coverage for even the most lavish clinics in Canada. Plans include contents, loss of income, business protection and professional liability for staff and subcontractors, crime and much more. Monthly payment plans are available. As a business owner, protect your investment with RMT Insurance and the Complete Advantage.


Why is having an RMT Professional Insurance Policy important to every Registered Massage Therapist?   Read more below.

Examples of Claims


Professional Liability

Just a Backache?

When a man had lower back pain, his first stop was his RMT.  Unknown to both was the cracked vertebrae from falling off a ladder.


Commercial General Liability

Ten Reasons

Here are just ten reasons it is important to have Commercial General Liability. Whether working from home or in a clinic, stay protected!


Abuse Claim

You are the Victim

Abuse claims can happen.  What can you do to protect yourself? Also, find out what to do when you are the victim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices start at only $105.00 per year for a New RMT Insurance Graduate policy.  $125.00 annually is the price of an individual RMT Insurance policy, including both professional liability insurance  (PLI) and general liability insurance. You can pay with monthly options from $13.86. We are one of only a few brokers in Canada to offer instant certificates. If you apply today online, you can get everything issued effective tomorrow. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or look for our online chat icon.

Alternative health is all we do. We have specialized in it for many years. Plus, with all the excellent training you receive from your college, your industry becomes a very safe risk allowing us to keep our prices as low as possible. We work with you to understand your business.

YES! Our RMT policy has no limitation as to where you work or from how many clinics you offer treatments. We have found most new RMT grads work at more than one clinic or spa.

YES! Many Massage Therapists work from home or give treatments at a client’s home. Our professional (PLI) and general liability insurance policy will provide full coverage if you work out of your home or if you work in someone else home at no additional charge.

Certificates of insurance are free! Just send us the name and address of the spa or clinic, and we can send you one right away.  Or click here to go to the Manage My Policy link for an online request. The Certificate will show proof of RMT Insurance (PLI).

As a small business owner, you will have additional exposures you will need to insure.  Contents,  equipment, stock, crime and liability insurance are essential to cover your space, to name a few. You may also want to add coverage to protect your staff or subcontractors working for you.  Policy’s start at $79 a month.  We will work with you to meet your specialized needs.  Talk to your healthy broker today.  Or check out our Medi-spa website.



David Stark & Chris Stark, RIBO

“We realize that during these difficult times, many of you have not been able to work, doing what you love. While the whole country worked to flatten the curve, you have made a great sacrifice.  Thank you. We are here to help. After months of hard work, we can now offer you monthly payments on most of our products as you start your business up again” – Chris & David

“Clients and their insurance needs are my expertise.  I have been working in the insurance industry for over 30 years.  I love finding out all about my client’s business. Then working with the insurance companies, I can negotiate the best product and price for your business insurance.  Working together, I will make sure your business is protected. 


My specialty is commercial insurance, including professional and general liability. I created the model of Speciality Programs used in the Health & Wellness Industry today.


I am excited to now be working with the Ives Advantage brand, to merge their excellent insurance business with my specialty program expertise.


With Advantage Insurance, you can be sure I have the experience and expertise to provide your business with the Insurance Advantage.” – David Stark

David Stark, RIBO, Insurance Program Specalist
Chris Stark The Healthy Broker

“I’m so grateful to be able to help you with your Business Insurance needs. I’m passionate about my clients and what they do. Staying on top of the latest trends in my client’s industry is a priority.


I realize that during these difficult times, many of you have not been able to work, doing what you love. While the whole country worked to flatten the curve, you have made a great sacrifice.  Thank you.


We are here to help. After months of hard work, we can now offer you monthly payments on most of our products as you start your business up again.


My family and I are clients of many Health and Wellness professionals. As a family, we value self-care.  Our health would not be the same without massage, spa treatments, osteopaths, yoga, etc.  We hope to see you soon. In the meantime, technology allows us to complete work for you via email, text, telephone and chat.


At Advantage Insurance, I continue to make sure I am knowledgeable to ensure I can provide all types of businesses with the Insurance Advantage.” – Chris Stark

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