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Working from home as a Health and Wellness Professional? It can be gratifying and profitable. Low overhead, flexible hours and best of all, no boss, make it ideal.  Sounds great!  There can be some challenges too.  Make sure you have them all covered.  Get all the Home Protection you need with Health and Wellness Insurance.


If you work from home in any capacity, here are a few things you need to consider.


Do your local city bylaws allow you to run a business from your residency? Check with your City Hall or local officials before setting up shop.


Where do you reside?  What type of building?  If you live in a condominium, do the condo bylaws allow you to run a business from your home?


For both above, also check to see if you can put up a business sign. What are the rules for advertising your new business?  You want to make sure you can promote your home business.  You also want clients to find your location quickly.


Do you need a business license? The local government may want their fee.  We have found each city or municipality is different.


Do you need a Health Inspection?  And if so, how often?  Depending on the type of Health and Wellness business, you may require regular Health Inspection.


What about your client parking.  Do you have enough spaces nearby?  Is there enough time at these spaces for free parking


And here is a big one!  Does your homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance policy allow you to run “business pursuits” if working from home?  Read carefully or contact our beauty broker for assistance.  Almost all homeowner insurance policies exclude “business pursuits” on-premises.  Some offer an endorsement to allow small specific Health and Wellness businesses to operate from inside your home for a nominal charge.  Besides the necessary liability insurance, they can offer a small amount of additional contents coverage in case of loss of equipment or supplies.  Make sure it is enough!  If your policy does not cover your home business, and you have a claim, there is a good chance your homeowner’s policy will be void.


If you do not have coverage, or you are not sure, we can help. If you are starting a business from home, contact your beauty broker.  Let them know precisely about your business operations.  Include any renovations plus equipment and supply purchases.  Make sure to disclose if you are planning on providing services at a client’s home.  See our Need for Mobility article for more details.


We have small business packages. Most importantly, we specialize in Professional and Commercial General Liability Insurance policies for Health and Wellness professionals.  Reach out to Chris Stark at Ives Advantage Insurance for a quote today by chat, email, phone or by submitting a Get Started request.


There are thousands of successful home-based Health and Wellness businesses in Canada.  These include professionals like Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Beauty Specialists, Hairstylists, Barbers, and even laser hair removal studios with Laser Equipment.  It is a great way to use your talents and earn an income.  The flexibility is well worth the little extra effort to do it right.  Make sure you have done your research. To make it easier, talk to your Health and Wellness Beauty Expert.  We’ve already done our homework to make sure you have the Insurance Protection you need in your new business.

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