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Ten Good Reasons You Need Protection!

RMT Commercial General Liability Insurance is an essential part of your RMT Insurance Package.  This type of insurance protects when things go wrong around you. With Professional Liability Insurance, you have protection if things go wrong while treating a client.  Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) protects you when things happen indirectly.  Accidents like falls, injury due to equipment breaking, building incidents like water damage or fire, and even things like a picture falling off a wall and hitting a client in the head.  Believe it or not, the last one was a real claim.   

Sometimes depending on the situation, an accident may be covered under one or either type of RMT insurance.  No matter what, make sure you talk to your Healthy Broker to ensure you have adequate coverage.  It is especially important to have this conversation if you work from home.  Your home insurance package will not cover business pursuits at home.  Check out our Health Update Post about working from home to for more information.   We also have a Definitions and FAQ page to help.

  1.  Water Damage

By far the most common type of claim, water can cause extensive damage.  A broken pipe, leaky toilet, clogged washing machine drain or a sink left on can all cause problems.  One of the RMT’s most significant expenses is laundry.  If you save money by washing your sheets and something gets clogged in the washing machine, you want to be covered.  The cost of insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of water damage you can cause to a neighbour’s unit. If you are running your own business, talk to your Healthy Broker about Content Coverage to cover your equipment and supplies.

2. Slip and Fall

Icy or snow-covered sidewalks are outside.  Why would you need coverage?  If your client is coming or going and they fall, you want to make sure you are covered.  They may be going to your place of employment, but they are using your services as the RMT.  Lawyers don’t distinguish between who they are going to name in a lawsuit.  They tend to list everyone, and then let the legal system sort it out.  Even if you are not found guilty or a settlement is reached, you want to make sure you have coverage. 

3.  Falling Off a Massage Table

When your client completes their massage, you always say, “take your time and get up slowly. I’m right outside if you need assistance”.  Most clients listen.  Sometimes they are in a rush.  If your client falls, it may activate a claim.  Again, depending on the situation, this could be either Professional Liability or Commercial General Liability.  What is the difference?  If they fall due to dizziness after getting up too quickly, that can be related to their massage.  If they trip over a piece of furniture in the room, and it is an accident, your Commercial General Liability Insurance will provide coverage. 

4. Tripping on Massage Sheets

As a Professional RMT, you have received training on draping clients properly.  When you leave the room, you make sure everything is neat and tidy.  Sometimes a client gets tangled in those sheets.  A fall, even though it may be of their consequence, can activate your insurance policy.  Just like above, the insurance company and your healthy broker are your insurance experts.  They know what type of coverage is needed. 

5. Smoke Damage

Many RMT’s use heating pads to warm up their tables, especially on a cold winter’s day.  Imagine what could happen if you forget to turn it off right away.   Smoke damage is almost as expensive as water damage. 

6. Damage to a Neighbouring Unit

If something goes wrong in your place of business, sometimes it can’t be contained quickly.  A Commercial General Liability Claim will only cover damage to the landlord’s shell and any loss to a neighbouring unit. If you work from a place of business with neighbours, you want to make sure RMT Insurance protects you.  If you work from home, you want to maintain those good relationships with your neighbours!! 

7. Massage Table Breaking

If your massage table breaks, you want to make sure you are covered.  An RMT is required to check and regularly maintain their massage table.  No matter what, you want to make sure you are covered.  This one is tricky.  Depending on the type of damage and injury, you may need your Professional Liability insurance policy coverage as well.  If you are looking after your equipment and the table happens to break at the wrong time, most likely, Commercial General Liability is what you will need. 

8. Fire Damage

Some Registered Massage Therapists use candles to set the mood.  Be careful.  Keeping your clients warm is also a priority.  In our cold winters, sometimes, an extra heater is used to keep the room warm.  Make sure you always have a fire extinguisher nearby your treatment rooms.  A major fire can quickly burn down not only your business but any homes or businesses nearby. 

9. Injury from Falling Down the Stairs

Some RMT’s choose to work from home. It’s a great business plan.  Setting your hours around family is a great way to get your business going.  The savings from working from home can be excellent.  Whether you work from home or at a clinic, stairs can always be an issue.  Make sure the railing and treads are adequately maintained.  Just like a slip and fall from ice outside.  Falling on steps can lead to a lawsuit. 

10. Collision with Doors

By now, you might think we are making up accidents.  Unfortunately, after years of experience, we also have years of incidents.  In one particular case, a client was entering while one was leaving and bang!  Two cracked teeth and a concussion led to a distraught client.  An upset client who decided they needed some extra money for “pain and suffering.” 

We have provided a list of common RMT Commercial General Liability Insurance Claims.  Most of these claims again are settled without ever going to court.  Most clients don’t even think of contacting a lawyer.   Do you want to take the risk?  We want you to understand what you are purchasing.  Talking with your Healthy Broker will help to understand why this coverage is so important.  Reach out to your Healthy Broker today to ensure you have RMT Insurance with the Insurance Advantage. 

If you own or are thinking of starting your clinic with a variety of practitioners, check out our www.medi-spa-insurance.com website. We have you covered no matter what type of business you decide to start.