RMT Insurance FAQ

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Our FAQ’s are here to answer some of the most common questions we hear about RMT Insurance. If you have a different concern, you can always chat online or reach out by text, phone or email. We are here to help.

We strive to know your industry and keep your Professional Liability insurance as inexpensive as possible.  An Annual RMT Insurance policy starts at $125.00. For a New RMT Insurance Graduate policy, the price is only $105.00 per year. Monthly payment plans are available for all policies that include both professional liability insurance and general liability insurance.

We specialize in professional liability insurance (both basic and advanced) for the Health and Wellness industry.  That includes RMT Practitioners like yourself. Our insurance companies do as well. Plus, with all the excellent training you receive from your college, your industry becomes a very safe risk allowing us to keep our prices as low as possible.   Our clients often tell us that when they call their broker that does their home or renters insurance, they receive a high premium quote for a professional insurance policy.  When you sell thousands of plans a year, with insurance companies that understand what they are insuring, you can do it for less!

We are one of only a few brokers in Canada to offer Instant Insurance Certificates. In less than 5 minutes, you can apply for a new RMT Professional Liability policy online and get an instant certificate effective the following day. The certificate will be the very first page you receive. Just print it or take a screenshot. That is all you need.

Certificates of insurance are free! Just send us the name and address of the clinic, and we can send you one right away.  Or Click here to go to our Manage My Policy link.  The Certificate will show proof of insurance (PLI).

YES! Our professional insurance policy has no limitation regarding where you work or how many locations you offer treatments. We have found many RMT’s work at more than one place, especially when just getting started.

CGL stands for Commercial General Liability. It is the most common form of liability coverage. It protects you and your business from claims such as “slip and fall” and property damage you cause to a third party, for example, leaving a tap running and flooding out your neighbour’s unit. Over 90% of all RMT claims we receive are for CGL claims. Here is a great example!

Yes!  Many Registered Massage Therapists work from home or give treatments at a client’s home. Our Professional (PLI) and General Liability Insurance policy will provide full coverage if you work out of your home or if you work in someone else’s home at no additional charge.

No.  Virtually all homeowner’s policies exclude “business pursuits on-premises.” It is not uncommon for some carriers to cancel your homeowner (tenant or condo) policy if they find out you have an RMT business in your home.  You should always advise your insurance company that you have a business in your home.  If you have any problems, contact us, and we can help!  We can also help you with that homeowner or auto insurance policy if you prefer to deal with just one insurance broker.

Yes! As a small business owner, you will have additional exposures you will need to insure.  Contents, equipment, stock, crime and liability insurance are essential to cover your space, to name a few. You may also want to add coverage to protect your staff or subcontractors working for you.  Policy’s start at $79 a month.  We will work with you to meet your specialized needs.  Talk to your healthy broker today. You can also check out our Medi-spa Insurance website as well.

“A business or person that carries out work for a company.” Most health and wellness professionals that work at a Clinic, Studio or Spa are subcontractors. A subcontractor will have a contract with the business owner to provide specific services at an agreed rate (or percentage). A subcontractor will be responsible for paying their taxes, CPP, etc.  A sub-contractor also must carry their own professional and general liability insurance.

Yes (unfortunately). In Ontario, we must add 8% tax to each policy. Every province is different.

Yes. We are currently working on an online credit card option.  Until the online payment option is fully functional, you can contact us by phone to give us the credit card information. Contact us directly for all our payment options.

We are currently working on an online credit card option.  Should your credit card be declined, we will keep trying three additional times over ten days without cancelling your policy.  After that point, we will contact you with the information you provided on file. Until the online payment option is fully functional, you can contact us by phone to give us the credit card information.

Yes (next year!) We are just finalizing our new portal to provide you with more options and better service for your PLI. By the time you renew your RMT Insurance next year, we will be up and running. Our new system will make the entire process even smoother and more efficient.

You can cancel midterm, but there is a 25 to 50% minimum retained premium (depending on the policy). After that premium is determined, you will get a refund of the remaining amount.

Yes and No?!? Your policy is like your car insurance policy that you may pay monthly. There is an industry-standard that must be followed by insurance brokers. Your RMT insurance policy is an annual policy with monthly payments.  If you cancel, you must pay the prorated portion of your premium for all fees and taxes. So the answer is yes,  you can cancel a monthly policy. However, there will be penalties for cancelling before paying for one full year. Talk to your healthy broker today if you still have questions.

Absolutely. Just reach out and we can make the change with no charge.