RMT Professional Liability Claim

RMT Professional Liability Insurance fall

Just a Backache?

As a Registered Massage Therapist, why would you need RMT Professional Liability Insurance?  On Monday morning, you receive a phone call from a long-time client.  He has low back pain after “cleaning the eaves” on the weekend.  You help him out and give him a cancellation appointment.  As a licensed professional, you follow all required protocols.  The client completes an updated release form. After the massage, you give him followup instructions.  Two days after the massage, you get a call saying that his pain is now severe.  He can barely walk.  The client then advises you they actually “fell off the ladder while cleaning the eaves.”  You tell him to seek medical attention. It turns out he had a cracked vertebra. You gave him a massage with a severe unknown injury.  Now what?  Thank goodness you have Insurance Protection with your RMT policy?


You did everything right.  Your client has been to see you many times and is in excellent health.  He loves to work outside and in the garden. When he said he cleaned the eaves, you knew that was a regular activity. Unfortunately, he is also very stubborn and didn’t want to admit about the fall.  He thought he was fine and just was a bit sore.  If you had known, you would have told him to seek medical attention first to ensure nothing was broken or severely injured.  Instead, you thought you were dealing with a sore back from exertion. As the client did not disclose all the information, you wonder if you are protected. 


The problem is when a client is in pain and may have to have surgery, they may lash out.  They may seek legal advice.  A lawyer may not see it the way you do.  A lawyer might see it as you made his injury worse.  And that is where your RMT Professional Liability Insurance Protection comes into play.  What you do next is essential.  Contact your Insurance Broker.  Put them in the loop with all the details, so they know there is a potential claim.  Make sure you go back and review your notes. You have been practicing for years and treated the sore area as required. Post care was provided, including information about rest and ICE. If you have a recording of the call regarding the appointment, that is helpful as well.  Write down everything you did and said, along with everything your client told you.  Creating an accurate record of the event will help your insurance company with any potential claim.


If the client does decide to sue, contact your lawyer and your broker right away again.  RMT Professional Liability Insurance will protect you but also provide coverage for legal costs.  That alone is worth the savings. Lawyers can cost up to $500.00 an hour in Canada.  You never know when things can happen.  If you need more information, check out our RMT Insurance Coverage Page. A routine Monday morning went awry with an existing client.  Who would have known that pride prevented immediate medical care?  And just like that, you needed that Insurance Protection to ease your mind!